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Sunday, July 19, 2015

We are threadle! Results from a Website-Naming Survey

We as a community voted on a name for the site and the result couldn't have been clearer: We are threadle! With more than 50% positive votes for this name, it's official.

Now that this is out of the way, let's look at the results.

I actually waited to read all the comments until today. And now that I did, it totally cracked me up and it made the decision very easy. I just plain love the comments. I'm pretty sure they will make you smile, and sometimes laugh, if you read them. I love how people are so honest and I'm actually surprised how many took the time to write something. Thank you. It helps so much by taking the guesswork out of things.

Some of the comments are matter-of-fact, like
"I'm not joining the edge" - for the name joining edge
some evoke strong visuals,
"Really boring, makes it sound like a place that'll just be mums posting nappy covers." - patchpocket
 some bring up a good point,
"Naw some of us came to sewing after aaages, this implies we've been doing it in the womb!" - stitchborn
some note practical implications,
"SWS will never catch on; it's a tongue-twister to say out loud." - seams we sew / SWS
 some point out associations that aren't quite that favorable,
"Too much like "whatever" which is used when you don't really care about something." - sew ever
some are brilliant and hilarious in the connections they make,
"Sounds like the midstream urine sample you give when you're pregnant ;-)" - midseam
some make me smile when placed next to each other,
"I feel like dropping the 'e' is old, like flickr" vs. "where's the other e? It's just too trendy for me. " - seamstr
some, are very considerate
"It probably has sentimental value to you; it's what you started with... " - kaava
some are particularly accurate in their assessment,
"Not an attractive image. Does not bespeak creativity, has a hard, metallic sound." - seam engine
"one of the better ones, but I think it will be lost on people not in the community" - seamingly
And this comment, I feel, sums it all up nicely,
"The best of the suggestions to make it to the final list. Short and catchy, covers everything we do. Invokes 'treadle', which means something to those of us of a particular age ;)" - threadle

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