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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why the Sewing Community Loves Instagram

I'm feeling a bit stupid for not making an Instagram account earlier. Now that I have one, I realize something that is probably obvious to almost all of you: The way you share on Instagram is pretty awesome!

So why is it that great? I can think of the following reasons:
  1. Sharing is very quick and easy. It's really a mobile-first experience.
  2. You share pictures of your work in progress. That results in totally lovely sewing feeds where you can see how something comes together.
  3. There is so much less spam than on Twitter. Bots just can't shoot great photos yet. People are active and comment a lot.
  4. There's no overly restrictive limit on comment size, so people use hashtags on their photos to refer to pattern codes.

What are the weak points of sharing your sewing on Instagram?
  1. Pattern linking isn't done at large scale. People use different ways to write the hashtags for the same pattern.
  2. It's hard to build a community around a particular sewing niche and it can be hard for newcomers to find their way in, just like on Twitter. Building a tighter-knit community requires an active, continuous effort - someone needs to step up and claim a hashtag for everyone to post under. A good example of this is how Joost built the sewcialists.
Getting on Instagram gave me some fresh ideas and some direction. I have to thank Abby Glassenberg for giving me that final push to check it out.


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