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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Embedded Things are Everywhere

I've been looking at how we can easily embed images from Flickr/Photobucket/etc. But then I noticed... embedding videos isn't any bit more difficult and there's even more things that can be embedded. Here I list a bunch of ideas for embeddable widgets I could make at some point:

  1. Pattern/source page widget: A summary card that shows information about a pattern/source.
  2. Project page widget: A summary card for a project - only available when the owner of the project makes the project public and explicitly opts in.
  3. Sew-along widget: Shows projects that belong to a sew-along (opt-in).
  4. Upcoming events widget: We could make a big event calendar that could be filtered by groups / location - and a widget that displays the upcoming events (in your groups, or near you).
These would be for embedding on your blog or website - or on your social media profiles or wherever.

I'm wondering... what would you want to embed on a site? Currently, we have the ordinary things like.. videos and pictures. But... is there anything you can think of that should be embeddable on a sewing site? Is embedding even that interesting?

(To me, it's definitely interesting as a concept, but I'm not sure how much useful embeddable content there is apart from pictures and videos. Embedding just for the sake of embedding something is pretty pointless. To embed meaningfully, there needs to be content that actually makes things better by being embedded instead of a plain link.)

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